Posts from the Gulf coasts and dispatches on the spill

Above: Guitar legend Jimmie Vaughan is a master of the “Gulf Coast” guitar style. I snapped the above photo last year at Antone’s in Austin.

Just a quick end-of-the-day post to point your attention to a couple of Gulf Coast blogs where you can read about the local impact of the BP oil spill. The author is Ms. Ashley, who reps Kermit’s wines in the South Eastern U.S. (we met when I accompanied Kermit on his record party tour last year).

Check out her posts on the oil spill and how it’s affected gulf coast beaches and the local food and wine economy, here and here (with photos).

Thanks for reading: please don’t forget the victims of the BP oil spill!

4 thoughts on “Posts from the Gulf coasts and dispatches on the spill

  1. Hey, nice photo of Jimmy. I was at that show too! I have a frustration with the volunteer websites regarding the Gulf. I have registered on 4 different sites, one being the Louisiana government site. I can do anything, cook for large groups, shuffle paperwork, drive people and animals around, clean up oil, whatever. I have a large SUV, and run my own business ( thus flexible time). I have not been contacted. Are there just tons of volunteers and they don’t need people ? That would be great, just wondering.

  2. @Susana so great to see you here! That show was AWESOME! when you coming to ATX next?

    I wonder if Ashley might have more info on how to help on the Gulf Coast… she’s pretty connected down there… Ashley?

  3. @Eric the Red I LOVE that piece you wrote on Jimmie. And I’ve been dying to ask you: did you ever see Doug Sahm play when you lived and studied here? Thanks for hipping me to that article… Jimmie’s come such a long way: my friend Felice (who cuts my hair and is Susana’s sister) dates Ronnie James, Jimmie’s bass player. The other day she showed me a photo of Ronnie’s new 78 blonde Fender Jazz bass that he got to match Jimmie’s 62 Strat (also blonde but with mint-green pick guard). I begged her to let me put it on the blog… but NO DICE!

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