the jar rocks 2I’ve played in a number of rock bands, notably Les Sans Culottes and …Nous Non Plus.

As the guitarist and one of the main songwriters in Les Sans Culottes, I contributed to two College Radio-charting records, including Fixation Orale, produced by my childhood friend, Michael Andrews, a disk that reached #18 on college radio.

Five other members of the group and I (aka Cal d’Hommage) were forced to give up the name after a dispute with one of the singers (for the whole story, see the account on

In July 2005, following our last appearance as Les Sans Culottes at El Cid in Los Angeles, we formed …Nous Non Plus and began working on a new self-titled CD, which reached #6 on college radio and remained in the top-10 for four weeks.

Here’s some more recent music

jeremy parzen music

2 thoughts on “Music

  1. Jeremy-

    I’m John Roenigk’s nephew Jonny. I was just listening to the remastered and digitilized ‘Things’ discography when I followed your link at the bottom.

    My uncle would be friends with a member of Les Sans Culottes. I know if this means anything but I bought yalls Fixation Orale about a year ago after requesting Allo Allo numerous times on our college radio in San Marcos TX.

    That I still can’t believe it. Good luck with any future projects man. Just know that your music got to a complete stranger (that’s always been my goal with mine)


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