Do Bianchi “invites you to reconsider pop culture as an Epicurean movement.”

— (Le Monde)

“Jeremy Parzen, a wine connoisseur and Italian scholar extraordinaire.”

—Lawrence Osborne (Men’s Vogue)

“One of the most idiosyncratic and interesting blogs around is Do Bianchi by Jeremy Parzen, one of those annoyingly talented individuals who speaks multiple languages, writes music, plays in a band, and also writes about wine and food.”

—Eric Asimov, The Pour (The New York Times)

“Do Bianchi… one of the most interesting American wine bloggers… [an] opinion leader…”

—Veronelli Editore

“The esteemed Jeremy Parzen… the master of this sort of thing…”

—Alice Feiring, Appellation Feiring

“Parzen is one of the most educated and thoughtful food and wine writers on the Internet and reading his blog always makes you examine your own thoughts on the topic. He makes you think and teaches in the process. I learn something new from each of his posts.”

—Craig Camp, Wine Camp (A Points-Free Zone)

“[A] compelling integration of life, wine, photography and historical references.”

—David McDuff, McDuff’s Food and Wine Trail

“Jeremy Parzen, an expert on all things Italian.”

—Charles Scicolone

“Do Bianchi is a perfect example of what great blogging looks and feels like.”

—Tom Wark, Fermentation

“Gotta admit, I was a little scared off by the smarmy wine guy photo at first, but after reading I got it.”

—Ms. Drinkwell

2 thoughts on “Accolades

  1. Jeremy Parzen @ Do Bianchi tells me that is not an utopy to experience together poetry,taste ,intellectual integrity and fun!

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