Yesterday in Proseccoland, tonight hopefully in Houston

best prosecco docg docIt was exhilarating to visit Proseccoland yesterday where growers were just beginning to pick their fruit.

That’s a Glera bunch above, a photo I took in the hamlet of Monfumo in Asolo township (where my client Bele Casel grows and makes Prosecco DOCG).

Despite the extremely hot summer and some emergency irrigation that was needed to help certain vines that were suffering from hydric stress, winemakers in Prosecco are very pleased with the vintage.

Especially in the wake of last year’s rainy vintage and unusually low yields, this year’s bumper crop of fruit with great acidity and healthy sugar levels is a much welcomed harvest for them.

Just look at the sexy bunch above! It was an amazing feeling to walk through the vineyards yesterday.

Today, Billy the Astronaut (below) and I are on a flight back to Houston via Newark, an airport that we in the Parzen family refer to as my own personal Bermuda triangle. I’m traveling light and keeping my fingers crossed that, between my Global Entry, my TSA Pre, and no checked bags, I’m going to make my connection.

Wish me luck and wish me speed. I’m finally going to be reunited tonight with my loves and my heart…

billy onboard

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