“All We Need is Grapes” a song for the girls (so glad to be back in Houston)

Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.
Solomon 2 15

whole food market bellaireToday’s blog post comes in the form of a song that I wrote for the girls over the weekend: “All We Need is Grapes.”

Miraculously on Friday, I made my connection in Newark and even made it from Bush airport down to southwest Houston in time to play with the girls before they went to bed.

On Saturday morning, Parzen family protocols went into effect.

In accordance with Parzen family regulations, Saturday morning began with wholewheat bagels; a trip to the “real astronauts” at NASA; lunch of “cheese” quesadillas and French fries at the “train restaurant”; naps; and finally, before dinner, a visit to our local Whole Foods to eat grapes on the bench as we watch all the people check out (many of them stopping to greet the girls as they passed by).

And that’s when it hit me: all we need is grapes.

wholefood market kirby houstonSince last fall, when I decided that I needed to revamp my business, it’s been a tough road building it back up to where I wanted it to be. Honestly, it took two more Italy trips than I had planned to reach my goal and that travel has taken investment, sacrifice, and a toll on me and the family.

I’ll never forget that feeling of being on the other side Atlantic, a day’s travel from the girls and already a week away from Houston, when Montalcino flooded and lost power and internet last week.

The previous week in the north had been full of missteps and mishaps.

I couldn’t get online for two days and couldn’t get my work done. I was a nervous wreck.

But after the rain passed and the sun reappeared, the hills were filled with ripe grapes, tender grapes, ready to be picked.

Five days later, our family grape bunch was reunited. And there we were munching on white and red grapes, acting silly as we sat on the bench watching all the people go by.

georgia on the micIf you listen to the whole track (in the YouTube below), you’ll hear that Georgia P appears in the coda of the song. She’s really developed a sense of rhythm and melody. Her intonation is getting better every day and she even composes her own melodies to the songs that I write for them.

And if you listen really (really, really) carefully, you’ll hear that Lila Jane is in there, too, playing shaker and chiming in.

Happy Monday, everyone. Thanks for being here. When times are tough, remember that all we need is grapes

3 thoughts on ““All We Need is Grapes” a song for the girls (so glad to be back in Houston)

  1. this is so sweet, 2B! from the verse from solomon to the coda of that song! they really are here to remind us that life is good and that we can find that in the simplicity of just being :) love you

  2. Arianna, a un certo punto mi sono accorto che l’uva non è solo al centro della mia vita in quanto il frutto della vite e quindi l’argomento a cui dedico la mia attenzione professionale. Quando sono tornato a casa, ho capito che le nostre bambine sono le “nostre uve tenere”, frutto della nostra vigna, e che la nostra famiglia è un “grappolo”… sono contento che la canzone sia piaciuta! Grazie per il commento! (e per la cena fantastica quell’ultima sera a Brescia!) abbraccio

    Tracie P, grapes are in our lives in so many ways. That song expresses the joy I felt on that bench at the supermarket that day. I am so happy to be back in Texas with you and the girls. It’s been a long road to get to where we need to be with our business but I think I’ve finally done it. I couldn’t have managed without your love and support. It was SO MUCH fun to record that song with the girls! In the coda, you can totally hear LJ playing the shaker! I love you and our family so much. We’re like the “Parzen bunch”! And we’re like the Partridge family except we’re the Parzens! I wonder what the girls will say when they look back on this some day. Love you…

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