Montalcino looking good baby

This just in: our wine list at Sotto (by Christine Veys and me) is up for “best wine list in LA” over at the LA Weekly. I’m kinda stoked about that! Please vote if so inclined.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

best monica larner brunelloIt’s a glorious time to be in Italy right now.

White wine producers have just begun this week to pick and red wine growers are extremely optimistic about the harvest’s potential. Everywhere I go I am surrounded by gorgeous, sexy grape bunches hanging on the vine.

Those are Sangiovese grapes (above) in Montalcino (below), where I’ve spent the last few days.

The abundant rain that arrived Monday morning (knocking out the internet in Montalcino for two days, btw) was just what the appellation needed after a long hot summer. Since the precipitation, the days have been sunny and warm and the nights cool enough that you need a sweater in the evening.

All things considered, it could be a great vintage here. And the same holds for Piedmont, where I spent Saturday and Sunday speaking to growers who are equally pleased with the ultimate progression of the vegetative cycle there.

Today I’m headed to Chianti Classico where I’ll be checking in with growers as well. And then it’s on to Prosecco where some producers have already begun to pick (more notes on that to come).

Friday, I’ll head back to Texas. Man, I’ve been homesick on this trip! But even after my return, I’ll continue to post my harvest notes as the dispatches come in.

Montalcino’s so beautiful right now that it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo (below).

Stay tuned… more to come…

best hotel montalcino

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