The future of pizza at Simone Padoan’s I Tigli & a cool wine bar in Soave

simone padoan pizza tigliWhat a blast to get to eat at Simone Padoan’s cutting-edge pizzeria I Tigli in San Bonifacio in Soave township last night! That’s Simone (above, left) with Lisa Anselmi, who treated us to a wonderful dinner at this fantastic restaurant.

burrata pizza recipeSimone is a mother yeast master and he uses different mothers to create a wide variety of flatbreads inspired by the various regions of Italy. The doughs are baked (and sometimes steamed) first and then the toppings are added.

That’s burrata and tomato, above.

creative pizza recipeScallops and chanterelles. This was my favorite but they were all over-the-top good.

mattias muller beerI Tigli is also an epicenter for the artisanal and natural beer movement in Italy, with a thick list of super groovy labels. This was our table’s favorite label of the night.

vegetable pizza recipeSimone’s focus is on the natural and the wholesome. I am a huge fan of his and to hear him speak on the power and importance of food in our daily lives was inspirational (for real). He’s Vinnatur founder Angiolino Maule’s cousin.

That’s the “garden” pizza, above. The anise-scented pumpkin purée made for a stunning pairing with the 2011 Malvasia Frizzante, below.

donati malvasia frizzanteThe wine list is as thoughtful and wholesome as the menu, with a focus on natural wines.

Can you imagine a more perfect pizzeria? It’s the future imho.

capitel croce anselmiLisa treated me to a glass of her family’s 2013 Capitel Croce (Garganega) at her super cool wine bar Enoteca Realda at the end of the night.

The last couple of days of this trip have been really shitty and it really lifted my spirits to talk to Lisa (who is super nice) and her friends.

I love Italy so much but it’s always in the Veneto where I feel the most at home.

Thanks again, Lisa! You rock.

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