Nobody does it better #NYC #bagels

best bagel new yorkIt doesn’t even have a Google place page but there’s a Korean-Mexican bagel place on Broadway just north of 107th street on the Upper West Side…

It’s right up the street from the place where I stay (the apartment of the drummer in my band, Nous Non Plus).

It’s where I go for breakfast when in the city…

3 thoughts on “Nobody does it better #NYC #bagels

  1. Mmmm… you are so right about the NY Bagel.. one of the things I miss about home. That picture made me want to jump through the screen and take a bite. Thanks for the throwback moment… enjoy your bagel

  2. Ed, I didn’t realize it was so famous. It’s great. Vintage4YourHome, even if I didn’t stay on the Upper West Side when visiting, I think I’d make the trip just for the bagel! thanks for being here…

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