My baby loves her some Little River Band

Reminiscing… Tracie P and I went on a super fun double-date last night with aunt Holly and uncle Terry… Cocktails, Mexican food, and then the Little River Band at the intimate One World Theatre (Austin).

The boys got the girls t-shirts and the girls got their t-shirts signed by the band…

You see, not only does my baby love her some Little River Band… “Reminiscing” (1978) was the song that made it all happen for aunt Holly and uncle Terry when they were high school sweethearts back in Orange, Texas… uh huh…

Come on… you know you love it, too (here, sung by Australian super star John Farnham)…

What does the Little River Band have to do with wine? The band took its name from the town of Little River in Victoria, Australia. I’ve been told they make wine not far from there…

I hope ya’ll are having fun today. Tracie P and I are headed to Wurstfest in New Braunfels, home to early German settlers and our good friends Seana and Josh… and you just know we’re going to find something blogilicious… stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “My baby loves her some Little River Band

  1. @Rev. B it was a fun one… a great double-date… :-)

    @Tracie P those ladies sure did like getting their LRB on!

    @Anthony I’d so love to see those places one day… and wow, yeah, John Farnham! He did such a great version of that song…

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