Teutonic partytime: scenes from Wurstfest 2010, New Braunfels

Tracie P and our friend Austin jazzer Liz Morphis got their smoked-pork-chop-on-a-stick on at the behemoth 50th annual Wurstfest 2010 in New Braunfels, Texas yesterday night. Entirely delicious with a cold lager beer on the side…

I knew that Central Texans were proud of their German heritage… but, sheesh, these folks dig them some Teutonic party time…

The music tents were packed and pumping the oom pah pah. And the musicians were smoking hot… You could hear some of the traces of what helped to shape the Tex Mex sound of the 1970s, a fusion of German music with Spanish instrumentation, the tuba meets the 6-string (Doug Sahm would have been right at home here).

Got sauerkraut?

Where I grew up we called them potato latkes.

The great hall of the Comal County Fairgrounds was a sight to see, and the folks, however sloshed, were super polite and well-behaved… only good times here…

And, of course, there were hot German babes…

In other news…

Tracie P is blogging again… Check it out here

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