Who said there’s no good sushi in Texas?

I did and now I’m eating my words…

It’s a tough job but someone has to do it… I’m currently developing a new blog for a new client and I have to admit, I’ve been completely floored by the food I’ve tasted with him. I can’t reveal the restaurateur or the blog but I will once it’s ready to launch.

In the meantime, I just had to share the singed yellow tail with white soy sauce and battera kombu dressing.

In case you were worried that we weren’t eating well here in Texas…

Buon weekend, ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “Who said there’s no good sushi in Texas?

  1. If you want sushi (or Japanese in general) you need to spend more time in Dallas. Between Yutaka, Nobu, Oishii and Teichi’s empire (Tei-An, Teppo & Tei-Tei) there is enough Japan quality sushi here to make you want to run around in a kimono. Plus, lots of world class sake to go with it. Great sushi is all about the airport and these guys fly the fish straight from Japan to DFW.

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