Awesome vertical of Santorini by Boutari

Tracie P and I tasted a vertical (09 classic Kallisti, 09 classic Santorini, 05 Kallisti reserve, 93 Kallisti reserve, 89 Kallisti reserve) of Boutari Santorini this morning with winemaker Yannis Voyatzis (who made all of the wines himself). The 2005 and 1993 in particular blew me away with their freshness and bright acidity and salty minerality. Managing the Boutari social media project does have its perks! Killer wines. I’m beginning to think that I may have finally found the perfect sushi wine.

Lunch at Bar Boulud wasn’t bad (photo by Tracie P).

Especially when paired with…

The 1993 Naoussa was friggin’ amazing…

Tracie P and I are getting ready for our Friday night out on the town. Stay tuned!

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