Pair this! Dinner with the best sommelier (2008) in the world Aldo Sohm

You may remember him from my post some years back now: Austrian-born Aldo Sohm, one of the nicest guys in the biz, one of its brightest stars, and the apotheosis of hospitality and wine and food knowledge. Last night, I was treated to dinner by my friend, photographer Lyn Hughes, who recently “shot” the new website for Le Beranardin, one of New York’s top 5 dining destinations (IMHO), where Aldo holds court. Here are a few images from dinner… Enjoy!

Sea urchin… paired with…

Gaia Santorini Thalassitis. The “sea water” flavors of the Assyrtico were superb with the raw urchin.

Zucchine flowers stuffed with crab… paired with…

Trimbach Pinot Gris. The richness of this wine also went well with the bacalao.

Snapper (shot by Lyn!)… paired with two wines…

Neumeister Sauvignon Blanc. This wine was the quintessence, Aldo explained, of the Austrian interpretation of the grape variety, somewhere between the intensity of New Zealand’s take and the angularity of Sancerre. A simply stunning wine.

Château Simone 1986. One word tasting note: wow. (Check out Wine Doctor’s profile of this incredible estate.)

Here’s one to keep you guessing!

Thanks again, Aldo and Lyn! (Can you believe that? One of NYC’s top celebrity photographers shooting with my camera!)

Stay tuned… Tracie P arrived JFK last night after dinner and our first tasting today is scheduled for 11 a.m. Man, it’s tough job but someone’s got to do it!

3 thoughts on “Pair this! Dinner with the best sommelier (2008) in the world Aldo Sohm

  1. Oh, Aldo!
    That must be the egg-caviar, paired with an ale.
    What a lovely evening, in great company, with the nicest sommelier I know and great food!

  2. Wow. Right now, it’s Jeremy’s world, and we’re just living in it.
    We dined at Le Bernardin last October. In our humble opinion, the best meal we’ve had in the US of A. The wine service was amazing- I don’t know how they do it but they were able to read our minds when it came to our tastes/price points. Impeccable.

    If you are ever digging Austrian wines, check out Seasonale in NYC. They know their German/Austrian wines incredibly well.

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