Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Jaynes bids Jar adieu

Above: Erik (Benoit), Nicholas, and Jon Erickson (co-owner with his lovely wife Jayne), at the bar at Jaynes Gastropub in San Diego — my “habitat” for the last 12 months. Benoit wrote me this beautiful “farewell” post at his excellent blog, AntiYelp.

Following my 3-day Dantean solo drive halfway across the country (think Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, George Jones, a little Paul Simon, a lot of Willie, and the obligatory Gram — all set to a desert landscape), I am posting today from Austin, Texas, my new home.

On Friday night, I completed my last shift at Jaynes Gastropub in San Diego (although I’ll surely make a cameo appearance or two in 2009).

When I clocked out, a few friends joined and they threw me a lil’ going away party (fyi, all of my friends in music and in San Diego call me “Jar” or “the Jar,” my nickname since junior high days)…

In her quest to get me to love Bordeaux, Robin Stark brought this excellent 95 Angelus. We decanted and tasted about an hour later. I was impressed by the wine’s bright acidity (not what you see in modern-style bored-oh). Thanks, Robin!

My high school friend John Yelenosky brought this 99 Poggio Salvi Brunello di Montalcino, which showed beautifully. (Click here and scroll down to see our high school senior pics.) John and I had a great 2008 playing music, drinking Produttori del Barbaresco, and just hanging out — like in the old days… Gonna miss you, bro!

That’s me with Jayne’s dad, the inimitable Frank Battle. In September, I officiated at his daughter’s wedding to my good friend Jon Erickson. Mr. Battle, you’ve got a lovely daughter.

Jayne and Jon and everyone at Jaynes Gastropub: I’m gonna miss you! Thanks for helping me get my pour and my groove back on in 2008!

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: Jaynes bids Jar adieu

  1. Bravo JP on another brave trasloco. Your description of the epic cross-country drive certainly conjures images of “rainbows in the high desert air.” Bet you’ll hear some good tunes in Austin, TX…

    PS: I heard on the grapevine Nous Non Plus are playing Mercury Lounge in February — I’ll be there!

  2. “1995 Angelus Grand Cru Classe….Ya. I’ve had this wine.”

    Thanks again for everything Jar. Hope to see you in Austin soon. Hopefully we all can make it out for SxSW.

  3. Jeremy-

    Been reading the blog for a while. I live in Houston and wanted to extend a welcome to Texas! Hope you enjoy Austin. Be sure to check out “Uchi.” Great food.


  4. thanks to all for stopping by and the well wishes and the welcomes… next month when I get back to blogging after the holiday break, I’m going to create a new category: de austinopoli.

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