Word is out: Nous Non Plus in NYC Feb. 9

Above: Nous Non Plus in June 2008. There’s no excuse for shameless self-promotion, is there? After all, it’s shameless! That’s me, far left.

New Yorkers and américains, mark you’re calendars: Nous Non Plus will be headlining at the Mercury Lounge on the Lower East Side, Monday, February 9, 10 p.m.

We’ll be hot on the heels of our France 09 Tour, including our Paris appearance at Point Ephémère, Wednesday, February 4. (Believe it or not, our tour is also taking us to do a date in Bordeaux! What in the world is Do Bianchi gonna drink there? Bored-oh?)

Click here for tickets for the Feb. 9 show.

Our new album, Ménagerie (Aeronaut Records), will be on shelves (virtual and real) on Feb. 3.

You can download an mp3 of our cover of The Unicorns’ Tuff Ghost here.

8 thoughts on “Word is out: Nous Non Plus in NYC Feb. 9

  1. JT, see you in Feb. at the show…

    Franco, I love that tie, too. But it belongs to Jean-Luc Retard. He bought it when we did a photo shoot at a vintage clothing shop in SoHo.

    here’s the vid:

    Adrian, we’ll probably play Cafè du Nord in March — our fav place to play in SF.

  2. When will a video for Bollinger go up on youtube? The BubblyGirl is going to LOVE having it up on her site. My favorite bubbly, too. I always say, the more a champagne tastes like beer, the better.

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