Joe Dressner and I have made our peace

I don’t know why but eating dinner at the Wieners Circle in Chicago made me feel at piece with my sometimes antagonist Joe Dressner.

I don’t know if he’s ever been there (he’s from Long Island, from what I understand) but I’m sure he would love it.

It’s one of those sine qua non Chicago places. (There are men who know what sine qua non means and others who have to look it up.)

Seriously, the truly lovey ladies at Wieners Circle are SUPER NICE ladies and we had so much fun talking last night after they served me up a killer charbroiled cheddardog with all the Chicago fixins after me and Pat grabbed a beer by Wrigley Field. Highly recommended for peacemaking. Man, Obama, you listening? These ladies could make peace in the Middle East, they are SO FINE!