Joe Dressner and I have made our peace

I don’t know why but eating dinner at the Wieners Circle in Chicago made me feel at piece with my sometimes antagonist Joe Dressner.

I don’t know if he’s ever been there (he’s from Long Island, from what I understand) but I’m sure he would love it.

It’s one of those sine qua non Chicago places. (There are men who know what sine qua non means and others who have to look it up.)

Seriously, the truly lovey ladies at Wieners Circle are SUPER NICE ladies and we had so much fun talking last night after they served me up a killer charbroiled cheddardog with all the Chicago fixins after me and Pat grabbed a beer by Wrigley Field. Highly recommended for peacemaking. Man, Obama, you listening? These ladies could make peace in the Middle East, they are SO FINE!

20 thoughts on “Joe Dressner and I have made our peace

  1. I’ve been there many times!

    I’m from Chicago originally, at the least the immediate suburbs. My father was a professor at Northwestern and I grew up in Skokie.

    I had a Boutari wine tonight, the Santorini Kallisti 2005. The wine was mature-tasting, yet still fresh and lively, with intense baked pineapple, custard and ripe peach flavors wrapped around a core of powerful mineral and smoky elements.

    In other words, it was a thoroughly disgusting industrial wine confection. Why in God’s name would you want to hustle this poison for the Terlato Consortium?

  2. Joe,

    We have common roots. I live in Skokie now, but my father was a professor at Loyola. Thanks for the write up on Kallisti. Even your slam sounds delicious. No worries if the Kallisti isn’t your speed. Just stick with the Santorini.


  3. Pat:

    All these fake layers of fake fruit custard and manufactured peaches were absolutely disgusting. They tasted like an Alchemist’s concoction and nothing to do with nature.

    I think it is great that Jeremy is being flown to Chicago by such Wine Industrial Complex characters like the Terlato’s to munch hot dogs. Everyone has to make a living and the Terlato guys certainly have a big checkbook.

    What’s next? Santa Margherita?

    Will Jeremy organize the Terlato Ten?

  4. Joe,

    I opened and enjoyed a bottle of the ’05 Boutari Kallisti last night after I read your comments. I was amused by your referring to it as industrial. A couple of points:
    1. Santorini isn’t big enough to make anything industrial
    2. Kallisti is a very small production item. We imported 250 cases last year
    3. All vineyard work is done by hand. The way the vines are trained into a basket shape doesn’t allow any mechanization.
    4. The vines are original rootstock. No phylloxera in Santorini – no fancy clones/rootstock. This is old school.
    5. The Assyrtiko grape does allow the riper fruit flavors that you appear to be complaining about. The grape is known for its ability to maintain its acidity despite the hot growing conditions of Santorini. It is that unique ability that makes the wine so special. If it did not have the acidity I would agree that it tasted “industrial”. You described the wine as “fresh and lively” suggesting that you noticed the balanced acidity as well.

    One final point: The Weiner Circle is great, but since you grew up in Skokie I think you would appreciate a shout out for Poochie’s on Dempster. Regularly rated one of the top ten hot dogs in the country.


  5. I read a Joe Dressner wine review tonight, the review was snarky-tasting, yet still fresh and lively as only a Dressner can do who has an ongoing battle with his endocrinolgist relative. It had an intense back-biting pineapple crust feel to it, old cuss-turd and overreaching ripeness wrapped around a rotten core of powerful anger and disgruntled elements.

    In other words, it was a thoroughly disgusting industrial wine review. Joe, Why in God’s name would you want to hustle your personal poison for all to see and read?

  6. Joe,

    I thought you saw my earlier post regarding the Boutari Social Media project. I am the Boutari brand manager. It is my goal to make Greek wine a relevant topic in the United States. It is an uphill climb, but I truly believe the quality and character are there for Greek wine to have a place at the world table with Boutari leading the way.


  7. Dear Pat:

    I hope the boys from Chicago are paying you a pretty penny for this noble work.

    C’mon….the wine is horrible. Everyone has a job to do, but that Boutari stuff is really bad.

    James Oliver: that’s a wine review. Horrible and bad. are you also on the Terlato payroll?

    Pass the Santa Margharita!

    Joe Dressner

    • I am not on the Terlato Payroll, old chap, not sure they even reach over here on the other side. But I do know how to spell Margherita-just like the pizza. And I’m all for your unfiltered take on things, but you might have a loved one measure your volatile acidity – it appears to have gone a bit rogue.

  8. Joe you are a funny man, acting so like the underdog in defense of the wines you love so much. Better watch out, or Hosemaster might put you in the weiner’s circle too :)

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