Why does In-N-Out Burger taste so good when you’re depressed? (And please be nice to government workers.)

Missing Tracie P terribly and feeling down-in-the-dumps after discovering a boneheaded clerical error was going to cost me a pretty penny, I tumbled headfirst into the darkest depths of gastronomic moral nihilism and ate at one of California’s landmark In-N-Out Burgers. There’s no excuse for this aberration and abjuration of my culinary ethics. Even though folks often say that In-N-Out is the “less bad” of the fastfood franchies, it’s still junk food and it’s still bad for you. But, man, like a junkie putting that needle back into his arm, the first bite of that Double Double brought with it refuge and solace from my pain — however short-lived, false, and futile.

In the end Tracie P cheered me up with a phone call and the SUPER nice lady at above-mentioned government office emailed to say that she had managed to clear up the whole issue and that my penalty would be refunded.

We’ve all read about it in the news: government employees are under so much stress these days and who can blame them for not having a great day. In the midst of a budget crisis, California state employees are no stranger to the stresses of the current economic climate. I was very lucky to find a generous person who gave my case some extra attention and resolve my issue.

So please remember to be nice to our public servants. They deserve our support — now more than ever.