Houston wine community mourns the loss of one of its own. Remembering Thomas Moësse.

The Houston wine community mourns the loss of one of its most beloved members this week, sommelier Thomas Moësse. He passed away earlier this month in New York City where he had been living for the last few years.

Thomas was a world traveler, polyglot, and a top wine wine professional, equally admired by his peers and his guests alike.

Born in the United Kingdom, Thomas moved to Houston as a teenager but spent his summers in the Loire Valley where his family had roots and where he first learned to love wine. After attending college in New York, he returned to Texas and began working in Houston restaurants. His wine appreciation ultimately led to multiple certifications as a professional sommelier and wine educator.

In 2018 he returned to New York and the following year he became the wine director at one of America’s most celebrated Italian restaurants, Felidia in Manhattan, where he oversaw one of the city’s best wine lists and led seminars and tastings for its who’s-who list of guests.

Before moving to the east coast, he was the wine director and one of the founders of Vinology, the popular wine bar and wine shop in city’s West University district. He was also the wine director at one of city’s temples of Italian gastronomy, Divino, a long-time favorite destination for food and wine lovers.

I knew Thomas well and had the wonderful opportunity to taste with him in Houston and in Italy on many occasions. He was one of the best tasters I’ve ever shared a bottle with. And his passion, devotion to his craft, and knowledge of wine were were world class — an inspiration for all around him, including me.

He was also a man full of joy for life, for great food and wine, for great music, and — most importantly — for his friends. He was always ready to lend a hand at tastings and events, always ready to speak on a panel or offer advice and share his insights and dining recommendations.

Sit tibi terra levis Thoma. You will be sorely missed by your friends and community here in Texas. Our small world of wine won’t be the same without you.

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10 thoughts on “Houston wine community mourns the loss of one of its own. Remembering Thomas Moësse.

  1. Thomas was a lovely person, and a full of love. He was also an amazing dinner companion. I am fondly remembering now us drinking and eating together in Verona’s center of town a few years ago during Vinitaly. Farewell, my brother!

  2. He introduced me to wines from the Canary Islands one of my first visits to Vinology. He took the time to tell me details that many wouldn’t have taken the time to. He was not just a great somm, but also a welcoming voice for those of us who not as well versed as he. I shall open a bottle of Canary Islands red in his honor and memory.

  3. This is unbelievably sad news. Thomas was the best wine person I ever knew. The second time my family walked into Vinology, he remembered our names and the fact that we were into Austrian reds from our first trip in. He always asked about our new baby (who came to Vinology with us), and we had countless conversations at the wine bar where Thomas would introduce us to all sorts of new regions, bottles, and producers. All of the conversations were effortless, comfortable, and fun. Thomas made us far deeper in love with wine than we already were. We cared about him and he made us proud to be from Houston. He will be deeply missed. We love you Thomas.

  4. Thomas was a lovely person and will be missed. He supported local charities and causes here in Houston and was always welcoming to someone who doesn’t know anything about wine (me) but enjoys talking about it.

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  6. Wow how terribly sad.. I loved that he worked a top Manhattan restaurant. I credit much of my love for red wine and Italian wines to the many times I sat at his bar at Divino starting 15+ years ago and he shared glasses of various bottles that were open or being tested or convinced me to try something different. He even knew my “Donna” type wines. Many were his favorites too – he had a soft spot for the same kind of wines that were my favorite so he would often say when I sat down “I have a wine I know you are going to like, a “Donna” wine.. full body, low tannins, deep reds

    Rest easy..

  7. I am saddened to hear this. He was a great friend in sharing his wine stories and encouraged me to try wines outside of my comfort zone. He broadened my wine world in so many ways at Divino and Vinology. He will not be forgotten.

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