Bitter pills: a note on recent coverage of Franciacorta by Alice and Walter

From the department of “all views expressed here are my own”…

walter speller franciacortaAbove: Lake Iseo in the heart of Franciacorta (Brescia province, Lombardy).

As a freelance contractor working for the Franciacorta consortium and as the author of its English-language blog, it would have been counterproductive for me to ignore recently published coverage of the appellation by two high-profile wine writers who leveled stinging criticism at its members.

It wasn’t easy for me to write a post about their articles. But my silence would have run counter to the spirit of my work.


When the Franciacorta Consortium first asked me to take on this year-long project, I decided to call it “Franciacorta: The Real Story.”

I was so tired of seeing so much misinformed coverage of the appellation and the wines that I set out to tell the real story of the place, the people, and the wines as I have come to know them over the seven years since my first trip to Franciacorta in September 2008.

With the title “real story” comes the obligation and the responsibility to tell the whole story.

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