The good, bad, and the cute: Parzen family update

the-refBetween travel, Tracie P’s birthday, and the myriad wines we’ve tasted this month, I realized that I haven’t posted about our girls in a while. So I wanted to share these photos here.

They see their mommy and daddy suit up (whenever we can) to go running and Georgia P expressed an interest in “exercise.” So a few weekends ago we went and got them their now beloved soccer balls.

We’ve started kicking them around when we go out for walks and in our front yard. Although Georgia P (above, left) sometimes seems more interested in her referee’s whistle and Lila Jane (right) in her accessories.

georgia lawn chairAside from the storms last weekend, the weather has been really nice in Houston. That’s Georgia P (above) in the backyard of the house we rent here in Westbury in the southwest corner of the city.

She’s been enjoying her pre-school where she attends three days a week.

Next week she’ll be getting her new ballet shoes and starting her first ballet class (and she doesn’t know this yet but we’re taking them to see their first Nutcracker in December; Houston has an awesome ballet, btw).

Just look at those long dancer’s legs! She’ll be four in December.

lila jane voteLila Jane started her first year of pre-school this fall. She goes two days a week.

It seems that she has a language explosion nearly every single day and her vocabulary and the clarity of her enunciation have been really impressive (at least from the perspective of her adoring parents!).

She turned two in July. That’s her outside our early polling station (where her mommy and daddy voted). She just loves that soccer ball.

butterfliesOne of our favorite things to do on weekends is to visit the Cockerell Butterfly Center at Houston’s Natural Science Museum.

Walking through the “tropical rain forest” atrium with them is a truly magical experience and they love to pretend to be butterflies and bees when we reach the honeycomb landscape at the end of the exhibit.

They’re both going to be butterflies for Halloween tomorrow (unless they change their minds and decide to be Elsa and Anna, although Lila Jane has toyed with the idea of being Wonder Woman).

Both girls are so sweet and they bring so much joy into our lives.

Thanks for letting me share them with you here. Have a great (and safe) Halloween weekend!

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