Drink what Tracie P and I will be drinking for Thanksgiving this year.crivelli ruche castagnole monferratoAbove: the Crivelli Ruché (different vintage) is one of the wines I selected for this year’s holiday six-pack. Italian wine lovers will geek out on it and the non-Italophilic folks will be surprised by its freshness and unique character. Such a great wine.

Do Bianchi Holiday Six-Pack 2015

Struzziero 2014 Falanghina (white)
Nanfro 2013 Insolia (white)
Caprari NV Lambrusco Colcer (red sparkling)
Carbone 2011 Aglianico del Vulture (red)
Crivelli 2014 Ruché (red)
Camossi NV Franciacorta Rosé (rosé sparkling)

$130 (including tax) plus shipping & handling
($22 average bottle price)


Wines will ship via FedEx on Monday of next week,
in plenty of time for delivery before the holiday.

California residents only.

I regret that I no longer accept AMEX.
But you can pay by Visa, MC, check (preferred) or Chase QuickPay.

Struzziero 2014 Falanghina

As always, I conceive and list the wines in my recommended pouring order as if for a dinner party for six persons. I’ve been loving everything I’ve tasted this year from the Struzziero winery in Taurasi and this Falanghina is fresh and bright in the glass, a perfect wine to get things started. My favorite pairings for this would be real buffalo-milk mozzarella (a classic) and olive-oil cured raw anchovies (my mouth just watered as I wrote this). One-word tasting note: sexy.

Nanfro 2013 Insolia

This wine from Nanfro, an organic grower and environmentally aware winemaker in southeastern Sicily (Vittoria), has been showing so beautifully at Sotto in LA where I’ve been writing the wine list for the last four years. It’s got a wonderful aromatic character and nice roundness that makes it very crowd-friendly while still having the acidity that I crave in my wines. One-word note: groovy.

Caprari NV Lambrusco Colcer

This gently sparkling, super-low alcohol Lambrusco has been so popular in previous six-packs, that I just had to include it again this time around. Caprari is also an organic grower and this wine has that zing and vibrancy that you rarely see in commercially farmed Lambrusco. Ideal pairings are tagliatelle al ragù (bolognese), lasagne verdi, or tortellini (or cappelletti) in brodo. But man, this wine would go with nearly anything. One-word tasting note: homey.

Carbone 2011 Aglianico del Vulture

For the holidays, you need structured red wine to go with your roasts and other “big” dishes typically served this time of year. Aglianico del Vulture in general represents one of the greatest values in red wine in my opinion and I love this soulful, umami-driven expression of this super southern Italian appellation by my friend Sara Carbone. Red wine lovers will really dig this wine and “Napa Cab” junkies will find it eye-opening. One-word tasting note: earthy (as in Mother earth).

marco crivelliCrivelli 2014 Ruché

This is a very special wine, people. Monferrato winemaker legen Marco Crivelli (above) is the dude widely considered to be the master of Ruché and this wine has a brilliance rivaled by few. Here, fruit, freshness, acidity, and a gentle touch of sweet dirt combine to make for one of the most original and delicious wines you’ll ever have from Piedmont. It’s one of those wines that Italian wine lovers will geek out over and non-Italophilic folks will freak out over (I wrote about it here). Save this one for the cheese and walnuts at the end of the feast. One-word tasting note: magical.

Camossi NV Franciacorta Rosé

Franciacorta and its classic-method sparkling wines have become such a big part of my life over the last few years and Tracie P and I just love the wines. Camossi was one of the first “grower Franciacorta” producers to emerge on the scene a few years ago and it’s become our “house” Franciacorta thanks to its availability and value. This wine could be served at the beginning of your holiday feast, at the end, or throughout: it’s got all the right stuff — freshness, acidity, rich fruit, minerality, elegance and approachability — to wow your guests and family. It’s great wine. One-word tasting note: essential.


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