On the road again… (@BrothersPontiak you rock)


Above: my buddies Lain, Jennings, and Van Carney. They’re from the Blue Ridge Mountains and they form the band Pontiak. I caught their set on Tuesday night in Denver. Their record is doing well in the U.S. and in Italy they are huge stars (no joke).

The month of March is finally coming to a close.

Work has taken me to Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boulder, and Denver, and next week I leave for Italy for the Italian wine trade fairs and scores of meetings with clients, friends, and colleagues.

I’ll land in Rome where I spend the night. Then on to Siena for a few nights and a short documentary that I’ve been asked to appear in.

Then I head to Brescia… Then Verona for the fair…

I know, I know: it’s starting to sound like “Kiss me Kate”…

When I caught the Carney brothers set in Denver on Tuesday night, in a club where my band once played a raucous New Year’s Eve show, my mind was filled with memories of my life as a working musician on the road, in the U.S. and Italy.

I miss the shows and the people but I can’t say I miss the travel: now, every day on the road is a day away from the family I love, the family that loves me.

But I can’t complain: business is going well and there always seems to be something interesting in my glass for me to taste and to share.

I’ll be taking a few days off from the blog as I get ready for my next adventure in Italy. Thanks so much for being here and for following along. It means the world to me that people enjoy the bog and find it useful.

I’ll see you next week on the other side…

We open in Venice,
We next play Verona,
Then on to Cremona.
Lotsa laughs in Cremona.
Our next jump is Parma,
That dopey, mopey menace,
Then Mantua, then Padua,
Then we open again, where?

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