Workaday Rome is a garden

best hotel trastevere

Landed early this morning at Roma Fiumicino and took a regional train from the airport to Trastevere, a roughly twenty-minute ride for €8.

Checked into my budget “four-star” hotel, washed up, took a stroll, ate a sandwich (thinly sliced prosciutto cotto and mozzarella on delightfully unctuous focaccia) and had a coffee before returning to my room, where I’ve been working all afternoon.

Snapped the above photo in this working-class section of Rome, the edge of Trastevere, where you won’t find a lot of tourists.

I love how the Eternal City teems with gardens and plants, like those you can see hanging from the terraces in the photo above.

It reminds me of how, even in Italy’s supreme urban environment, this narrow strip of sun-drenched land in the upper Mediterranean is one of G-d’s gifts to humankind.

I’ll be heading out shortly for dinner with some wine folks… tomorrow on to Siena… stay tuned…

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