Not easy to move with little kids but we’re settling into our new Houston home (TY @CiaoBelloHou)

i love grissini

It’s not easy to move with a toddler and newborn in tow but we’ve settled into our cozy new Houston home without any major issues.

We tried to do everything we could to make it as stress-free for the girls as possible: I moved a lot of our belongings in the weeks that led up to our transition and I even stayed in the house for four nights before they got here to make sure there were no major mishaps on the day of their arrival (last Friday).

We’re still eating a lot of take-out (unusual for our family) but Tracie P is already set up to make the girls breakfast (below). Georgia P (above) didn’t complain about pizza and grissini from my friend and client Tony Vallone’s Ciao Bello last night!

What a wonderful sight to see our girls enjoying their breakfast in our new kitchen! Thanks, everyone, for all the wishes and support.

And thanks, Tony, for a delicious dinner last night!

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