Arrivederci, Austin, thanks for the memories & #bbq @StilesSwitchBBQ

best bbq austin texas

On Sunday night, we hosted the last dinner party at our house in Austin at the corner of Alegria and Gr[o]over.

The Rosenberg cousins and a smattering of Levy cousins stopped by for Stiles Switch bbq and white Chinon (we also served some Grüner Veltliner, Soave, and Langhe Nebbiolo).

We lived for four years in that wonderful little house.

We conceived one of our girls there and brought both of them home there.

My band wrote and tracked a record there in my office/studio (including one of my favorite tracks of all time, Nadia).

We had so many great parties and opened so many unforgettable bottles of wine there.

Those four years and that house saw us build a new business, dig ourselves out of debt, and start a beautiful family.

We lived, we loved, we laughed, and we cried tears of joy there.

Arrivederci, Austin… You are truly the “groover’s paradise.”

Wish us luck for our move to Houston tomorrow! I’ll be taking the next few days off from blogging. See you on the other side! And thanks for all your support over the last four years. It means the world to us.

15 thoughts on “Arrivederci, Austin, thanks for the memories & #bbq @StilesSwitchBBQ

  1. I moved from Austin to Houston after a hiatus working in Italia. I was nervous in the beginning, and unsure how I could leave a town like Austin. After 5 years in Houston, I miss it frequently. I feel like there is nothing Houstonians won’t try, and the pioneer spirit and energy there is something remarkable in this era. You know much more about the city than I did going in, and I think you will really shine in the big H. Safe travels and Juliet and I wish you all the best in your Houston days.

  2. I have never been to Austin and now there is no one reason left to go.
    Beside the joke I would like to send from Siena all our best wishes for the new location anmd may be the memory of your Austin home will be with you for ever.
    Ciao, ciao,

  3. Good luck with the move to Houston. My wife and I relocated here in January from the Bay Area. So far, although we miss the Bay Area, we like Houston fine. From a food and wine perspective, Houston has a lot to offer. I’m sure you’ll adjust well. Hopefully we can raise a glass together at some point.

  4. thanks, everyone, for the wishes and thoughts! we needed them. Our move was challenging…

    Vanessa, definitely at Camerata… looking forward to it.

    Bruce and Jason, let’s make a date soon…

    Alessandro, crepi! Let me know when you’ll be in ATX and I’ll plan one of my commutes around your visit.

    Thanks, everyone! :)

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