Prosecco Colfondo for the pregnant lady!

watching tv with mommy

Most experts agree that there is no incontrovertible fact behind the many theories regarding “labor-inducing foods” and other tricks.

But they also agree that, at 39 weeks pregnant (like us; actually 39+), most mothers-to-be would do just about anything to induce labor.

We’ve been doing it all (I won’t go into the details). But Baby P 2013 still isn’t ready.

prosecco col fondo sediment

Last night, when I asked Tracie P if she’d like to drink the fondo of a Prosecco Colfondo (the lees and other sediment of the bottle-fermented, undisgorged sparkling wine), the answer was: at this point, it couldn’t hurt.

Back in April, when I met with Luigi Gregoletto (the oldest continuous producer of Prosecco Colfondo), he told me that in the “olden days,” people would drink the fondo as a tonic. It helps with digestion, he told me.

bele casel prosecco

So last night over dinner, I decanted a bottle of Bele Casel Prosecco Colfòndo (my friend and client Luca Ferraro writes the designation with an accent grave) and decanted it.

You can see the clear wine in the photo directly above and the cloudy sediment in the photo above that.

As of this morning, we still haven’t gone into labor. But we’re not giving up hope that today will be the day.

The only incontrovertible fact is that it ain’t over ’til the fat pregnant lady sings!

Thanks to everyone for all the emails and tweets of support. We’re almost there…

4 thoughts on “Prosecco Colfondo for the pregnant lady!

  1. I remember all too clearly counting on our 2nd to be early, as our first had been. I waddled around the neighborhood endlessly, hoping to speed the process, to no avail. When I finally popped, he was 11 and a half pounds….. so I guess he just hadn’t reached his goal weight yet. It was blistering in Austin when we visited Jay’s parents a couple of weeks ago. Hope today’s the day and that Baby P will NOT be a heavy weight! :)

  2. So excited for you all and thinking of you. Too bad you cant have a Jayne burger. It has sparked 4 deliveries to date, that we know of!

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