Room with a view (and a toilet) remembering our honeymoon

BABY P 2013 UPDATE: No news to report but chances are that she’ll arrive this week.

Tasting Giovanna Rizzolio’s Cascina delle Rose Barbera d’Alba on Friday night brought back a flood of memories from our stay with her on our honeymoon.

One of my favorites was waking up in the morning and seeing Asili and Rabajà from our bathroom window (when seated).

In the photo above, the gaze is actually facing north-northwest. Asili and Rabajà are out of frame to the right. Here’s a Google map link with directions from Asili to Tre Stelle (where Giovanna’s estate is located) to give you some context and to illustrate the unique terrain of Langa.

When you click on the map, zoom out and note the Tanaro river and the way the Alps seems to suddenly melt away into valley… Barbaresco is simply one of the most magical places on earth for me.

Buona domenica, yall!

One thought on “Room with a view (and a toilet) remembering our honeymoon

  1. thank you Jeremy for your kind words, it was so nice to have you here for your honeymoon… we hope to see you soon!

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