Happy days, sad days…

mommy makes everything better

As our pregnancy “comes to term” and we finish preparing for the arrival of Baby P 2013 (any day now), I can’t help but feel a little bit sad about how Georgia P’s life is going to change.

She has no idea that our cozy little family of three is about to become a family of four.

She is such a sweet little girl, always ready to share a smile, a laugh, a kiss, and a hug. And I know she’s going to be a wonderful big sister (the two girls will be nineteen months apart in age).

But I also know it’s going to be hard for her at first, as she gets accustomed to the new and different rhythms that a newborn brings to a household.

We’re all ready for the baby to get here and it’s a very special and happy time for us. But I can’t help but feel a little pang knowing that Georgia P will have to settle into a new life where she’s not always the center of everyone’s attention…

Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing our family’s joy.

12 thoughts on “Happy days, sad days…

  1. If it’s any consolation, last night we went down the street for dinner at our “young” neighbor’s house. They have a 22 month old boy and a 2 month old boy and things there were pretty mellow. I think a lot of parents have that apprehension, but things have a way of working out. Non ti preoccupati, amici, it will all be OK. Love conquers all

  2. I absolutely understand the mixed emotions, with a second little one on the way myself. It’s bittersweet. I’m sure that once you’re a family of four, though, you wouldn’t have it any other way!

  3. I feel the same with my niece Olivia… My sister is pregnant and the little Olivia is neither two years old. I’m always thinking “I will never love your sister as I love you and I will protect you always”…. And, at the end, I never think about my future niece…. How will she be? Will I love her? Is she well?… Neither my sister is able to keep the attention… We are not caring a lot… We all love the little girl!

  4. thanks so much, everyone, for all the sweet words and support. We had such a fun day together, playing and doing silly stuff. I realized that it would probably be our last Sunday as a family of three. I know that it will work out fine and I know that we will love Baby P 2013 with all our hearts. I know it will take a while for Georgia P to get used to her new family and when we go to the hospital, it will be the first time ever that she’s spent a night without at least one of us. That’s going to be rough on her. Thanks for being here: your thoughts and wishes mean the world to us. :)

  5. My first two boys are 22 months apart. At times it was a tough transition, but my oldest was almost always an incredible big brother… and still is, nearly 10 years later. I wish the best for you. I know you you are only bringing more to Georgia P’s life, not taking something away. You will all be richer for it. :) Hang in there and breeeeeaaaaathe when things get crazy.

  6. it’s bittersweet! i already feel pangs because i just can’t be very active with her. but she’s tough and she’ll be better for it :) love you!

  7. Not being a parent, it is a little hard for me to fully understand your mixed feelings. But I am a sibling and it the greatest feeling on earth to have a brother and sister who mean the world to me, and I think, I mean the world to them. I wish Georgia P that type of relationship…she will love Baby P 2013!

  8. Anch’io ho avuto le mie figlie a distanza di 20 mesi l’una dall’altra,non preoccuparti anche perchè siete due genitori dotati di una tale sensibilità che non farete certo pesare l’arrivo della sorellina alla piccola Giorgia
    ciao filena

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