Cascina delle Rose in Texas! YES!

cascina delle rose

Yesterday evening, during a meeting and tasting with an Austin client and a local editor, I asked my client — Jeff Courington owner of Vino Vino — if he’d open one of the wines he plans to have on his list at his new Italian, slated to open later this summer, Al Fico.

When he produced a bottle of Cascina delle Rose 2009 Barbera d’Alba Donna Elena (above), I couldn’t believe my eyes. Cascina delle Rose is one of those wonderful but tiny producers that never seem able to break into the extremely-hard-to-crack Texas wine market.

giovanna rizzolio

The mature wine, from one of Giovanna Rizzolio’s top growing sites, was gorgeous, its acidity zinging and dancing around the Barbera’s meaty flavors.

The wine still had a strip label from a previous Louisiana importer/distributor who had tried, unsuccessfully, to bring the wine to Texas.

Jeff told me that they’re being brought in now by a new company called Rootstock (if I’m not mistaken).

I love Giovanna’s wines (and she such a super cool lady) and am thrilled that that there here.

Giovanna, welcome to Texas!

Click here for a post on our visit to Giovanna’s estate and some pretty amazing images of the underground river that gives the Barbaresco cru “Rio Sordo” its name.

4 thoughts on “Cascina delle Rose in Texas! YES!

  1. Can’t wait to taste it! Rootstock has an amazing import book. Mainly French but is working on Italy. He brought Frank Cornelissen from Mt Etna in too

  2. We are happy to report that the 1.5L bottles of 2001 Barbaresco Rio Sordo are on our wine list at Vespaio Ristorante. Salud!

  3. Vinogirl, you would love that wine and I would love to taste with you someday. Tracie P and I stayed at Giovanna’s on our honeymoon!

    And ATX folks, it’s so cool that so many small distributors are bringing wines like this into Texas. And it’s so cool that you, ATX wine professionals, are supporting them. Bravi! :)

    I’m psyched to see what else Rootstock is going to be bringing in from Italy.

    Buona domenica, yall! :)

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