Un Dimanche: new & different music of mine

All the great songwriters and musicians I’ve ever met say the same thing: make the music because you love to, because you have to.

The main focus of my musical life over the last fifteen years has been our band Nous Non Plus and I’ve been overjoyed by the success we’ve had in performing live and in selling our songs to film and television.

But there’s so much more music that I love and make.

Today, one of my writing partners and I released an EP with six songs, “Un Dimanche,” a body of work that we wrote and recorded “over a month of Sundays” (hence the title).

The work is very different from sexy, silly, rocking, and sometimes very dark Nous Non Plus. This record is all about raw recording: no compression, very little verb, and tracking that makes you feel like you’re in the room with the singer and her band.

Below you’ll find a preview of the lead track and you can find the rest on iTunes. Thanks for listening and supporting independent music!

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“Un Dimanche” (Terrible Kids Music 2013), a collection of songs recorded over the course of “a month of Sundays.” Click here for the iTunes link.

2 thoughts on “Un Dimanche: new & different music of mine

    • so many great players in ATX. That lapsteel guy has played with so many famous cats! He was great. Plugged him direct into the board and his tone was beautiful… thanks for listening!

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