6 thoughts on “frito pie burger @HopDoddy #ATX #PregnancyCravings

  1. I gained about 15lbs when my wife was pregnant with my now 4 year old twins. It’s not like I was going to make her all kinds of tasty beefy treats and then turn around and eat a salad.

  2. Tracie P, I am ALWAYS up for a Hopdoddy burger… :) Love you!

    JoshieMac, man, I’ve been working hard not to gain back my “birth weight” this time around but we’ve been trying to eat more and more red meat… but hey, there are worse things in life than beefy treats, right? :)

  3. Indeed. I felt lucky that I could spend a few months eating things I normally have to limit. But I think the first few months after birth was when I really put on a few pounds–too tired to cook healthy stuff. And breastfeeding women still need a lot of calories!

    In any case, it’s a wonderful and beautiful time. Enjoy!

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