Happy Mother’s Day Tracie P!

happy mothers day

Happy Mother’s Day, Tracie P! :)

Georgia P and I love you so much. You are so sweet to us and you make us feel loved each and every minute of every day.

Every time I look at Georgia P or hear you say that little Baby P is moving around inside your belly, my heart feels like it will burst with the love we feel for you.

Thank you for giving us these precious little girls, who bring so much joy into the world.

You are the best mommy ever and we love you.

polkadots cupcake factory austin

Cake by our friend Olga at Polkadot Cupcake Factory.

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Tracie P!

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    • thanks, dude! And happy mom day to Jayne. Can’t wait to see yall in June (and play you my new tracks. Maybe we’ll write and record something together? I would love that. Boc is sounding AMAZING!)

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