Catch the band on Good Day LA on Thurs. & “best show” pick from LA Weekly

music valentines los angeles

Got a call from our manager earlier this morning confirming that my band (Nous Non Plus) will be appearing on Good Day LA (Fox) on Thurs. morning at 9 a.m.

I’ve been sworn to secrecy as to the events that will unfold during the show. But I can reveal that we’ll be playing the entire time (nearly a whole set) including a special song we’ve prepared for Valentine’s Day.

Just landed in LA from Austin and was geeked to learn that the LA Weekly gave us a shout out as one of the best shows in LA this week:

    With their fizzy melodies and French lyrics, Nous Non Plus sound like they must be from Paris, but the groovy septet actually are spun off from the New York City band Les Sans Culottes. Don’t let the realities of geography get in the way of enjoying breezy songs like “J’en Ai Marre” and the rocking power-pop anthem “Loli,” in which a sunny trumpet crowns Cal D’Hommage fuzzed-out and leering guitar riffs. Céline Dijon coos with oodles of charm on the jaunty “Fille Atomique,” as Morris “Mars” Chevrolet rolls out swells of new-wave synthesizer. Nous Non Plus never take anything too seriously, and even a song with a title like “Catastrophe” turns out to be a giddy, ebullient lark.

I love the part about “leering guitar riffs” (my stage name is Cal d’Hommage).

Click here for Los Angeles (Feb. 14) and San Francisco (Feb. 15) tickets and info.

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