My band hits the road: Austin, NYC, LA, & SF @NousNonPlus

jeremy parzen nous non plus wine

Above: That’s Céline Dijon and me (stage left) at a 2008 show we played in East Germany.

One of the nicest compliments that anyone ever made about our band, Nous Nous Plus, came from my friend and composer extraordinaire Mike Andrews (who produced our 2003 album Fixatione Orale and has played on a number of our tracks).

“Jar, you know what’s cool about your shows?” he said to me a few years ago (all of my rock-n-roll friends call me Jar), “you’re never embarrassed to laugh when your band plays. You totally rock it out but your shows are also super fun.”

Our shows are super fun and if you’ve never had a chance to see us in San Francisco at the Bardot a Go Go party, it’s one of my highlights every time we hit the road: it’s a dance party where they play 60s yéyé, everyone dresses in yéyé style, and Godard films are projected on the wall… It’s a blast… and it’s San Francisco

Tour dates and club info below…


Bonne année 2013!

Nous Non Plus returns with a new album and tour dates in NYC, AUSTIN, LA and SF!

Le sex et la politique is now available on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.

Jan 26
Fontana’s – 105 Eldridge Street

Feb 9
The Parish – 214 E. 6th Street

Fête de St-Valentin
Feb 14
Bootleg Theater – 2220 Beverly Boulevard

Feb 15
Bardot a go go
Rickshaw Stop – 155 Fell Street

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