Groovy Xinomavro in Houston @PassProvisions in @EatingOurWords

I had fun handicapping the colorful, idiolectally beautiful, and farraginously befuddling wine list at Houston’s new mustachioed hipster hippodrome, The Pass and Provisions (where I loved the Kir-Yanni Naoussa last night).

Click here for my post today over at the Houston Press.

It can be a fine line between style and affectation, but the young dudes at this joint cut it.

3 thoughts on “Groovy Xinomavro in Houston @PassProvisions in @EatingOurWords

  1. The Xinomavro sounds great, but have only ever drank a bottle of this varietal in Greece…wonder if I’d enjoy it as much Stateside without that wonderful Mediterranean light quality and carefree holiday joie de vivre.

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