A couple of wine dinners I’ve got coming up…

From the department of “it’s a tough job but someone’s got to keep the world safe for Italian wine”…

gaja brunello houston

That’s the flight of wine (above) I’ll be talking about when I speak at Tony’s in Houston on Wednesday, November 28. Tony and I have so much fun working together and I’m thrilled that he asks me to do these dinners. 1990 Recioto by Quinatrelli? The answer is yes.

And this Sunday, November 11, I’ll be presenting Frank Cornelissen at Sotto in Los Angeles. The most valuable nose in this business, Lou Amdur, will also be on hand to speak.

Alice Feiring was going to join us on Sunday but “nature conspired” against her trip, as she put it: Sandy made it impossible for her to get here from NYC.

I’ll also be pouring Sicilian and Sardinian wine on Wednesday, November 14, with Piero Selvaggio and Darrell Corti at Piero’s Valentino in Los Angeles. Chef Steve Samson will also be cooking for the event. I can’t wait to see Darrell!

2 thoughts on “A couple of wine dinners I’ve got coming up…

  1. It will be an amazing evening at Tony’s with those wines. Congratulations, Mr. Parzen, I guess there is your touch.
    I am curious to know which vintage will be featured.
    Looking to have the report.
    All my best,

    • 01 for the Mascarello, 98 Poggio di Sotto, 06 for both Gaja Rennina and Sugarille, and 90 for the Quintarelli Recioto. I wish you could be there! and I’ll be sure to tell Darrell that you said hello…

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