Unpasteurized beer (and Georgia P devours mozzarella di bufala)

Humankind cannot live by wine alone… We were pretty beat after a long journey from Texas night last and so we decided to have an early pizza for dinner before calling it a day.

Everyone in the village of Caerano di San Marco (in the province of Treviso) agrees that Pizzeria La Torre is the best in town.

We were thrilled when we found unpasteurized beer on the beverage menu. It’s nearly impossible to find in the U.S. but here in the trevigiano beer culture — artisinal and unpasteurized — was already very popular when I toured the area with my cover band in the 1990s. It was delicious. Note also the “head” of the beer: even in a family-oriented pizzeria like this one, the staff always pours the beer correctly. It was awesome…

Georgia P INHALED her mozzarella di bufala. Her first meal in Italy!

Pizza coi carciofi alla romana for Tracie P (pizza with Roman-style, artchokes braised in white wine, a specialty of the house).

Pizza alla romana (with anchovies) for me. Yum…

2 thoughts on “Unpasteurized beer (and Georgia P devours mozzarella di bufala)

  1. Just to let you know that not only is unpasteurized beer readily available in the United States, but Austin’s own Jester King is both unpasteurized and certified organic. You can find JK product in just about every major and minor retailer in the city, including HEB. Have a great trip!

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