The Glera (Prosecco) is ready to be picked… @Bele_Casel

We went for a walk in the vineyards this afternoon with our friend Luca. He and Georgia P were deciding whether or not the time is right to pick the Glera.

It is…

Can you believe that photo? It was such an incredible experience to walk through the vineyards with Georgia P… :)

6 thoughts on “The Glera (Prosecco) is ready to be picked… @Bele_Casel

  1. Jeremy it has been a pleasure to show you around my vineyards, together with Tracie and Georgia and thank you for having explain to me the Asolo history, i was very impressed while listening to you that an American knows better than a local one.
    @adrian reynolds: thank you so much i never heard in my life such beautiful words.

  2. Bella foto. I love that you and Tracie have already introduced Georgia P to this amazing, crazy, frustrating, beautiful country.

    Hande at Vinoroma schooled me on Bele Casel and I hope to visit the vineyard one day.

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