Georgia P makes headlines in Houston (and best meals 2011: Al Covo, Venice)

Georgia P had her name in the paper today: here’s my post for the Houston Press on the wines we paired with hospital food and “what they meant to us.”

That’s the three of us, above, as we were about to leave the maternity ward on Wednesday afternoon. We were exhausted but overjoyed.

At 3 a.m. this morning, as I cradled Georgia P in my arms after she and Tracie P had finished nursing, it felt like my whole life were flashing before me: the highs and the lows, the joys and the heartbreaks, “my devil and my deep blue sea”… I love Georgia and Tracie P so much my heart could burst… somehow those “twenty thousand roads” led me here and I have my lucky stars to thank for that…


Here’s one of our “best meals of 2011”: our first anniversary dinner Al Covo, Venice…

For our anniversary dinner, Tracie P said she wanted to eat seafood and so after much consultation and discussion with friends and colleagues, we decided on Al Covo.

We started with the mixed seafood appetizer: baby squid, shrimp and prawns, clams, and snails. Delicious…

I managed to snag the last portion of handmade noodles dressed with granceola (spider crab) and its corallo or “coral”: pink roe, a delicacy that you find only at this time of year when the crabs mate. Unbelievable…

Tracie P had the cod with prunes and potatoes.

The potatoes had been cooked in the tocio or jus of the fish and their starch had imparted a wonderfully delicate and creamy texture to the sauce. This was simply one of the best fish dishes I’ve ever tasted… Stunning confluence of flavors and textures…

We drank an 07 Malvasia by Zidarich and after our meal we munched on cheese and sipped an 06 Recioto di Soave by Fasoli. I can’t think of a better meal to have here…

Owner Cesare offered us a Capovilla distillate (such beautiful, delicate aroma) and with bellies full and warmed by the excellent brandy, we made our way back to our hotel across a deserted and chilly Piazza San Marco, the Basilica of St. Mark and her mosaics watching over us like a fairy godmother, and we tumbled into each other’s arms and into bed…

5 thoughts on “Georgia P makes headlines in Houston (and best meals 2011: Al Covo, Venice)

  1. Congrats again on Georgia! Loved the piece on hospital food- it’s amazing for a place tha promotes health to always have such bad food.
    We also had another fantastic meal at Al Covo this year. It was a bit strange as the couple next to our table were fighting all night (she wanted red wine, he didn’t hear her and ordered white… but I think it was more than that). The really cool thing is to watch how the staff including Diane handled that situation. For us, the food, wine and service were once again amazing!
    @Blissful Adventurer- Diane (Cesare’s wife) is from Texas and is absolutely awesome!

  2. Jeremy, Congratulations to you and your family . . . keep on savoring the journey . . . a nice touch that another G.P. can help provide perspective on your own GP.

    Glad to see Al Covo still on top of its game. We had a wonderful meal there a few years back and then a similarly memorable walk through a quiet Piazza S. Marco all the way back to Salute

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