George the Gator

After services at Rev. B’s church this morning in Orange, Texas, we headed over to Peggy’s on the Bayou where I met George the Gator (above).

Technically, George is “homeless,” one server told me, but he returns every couple of weeks for the French fries and other food that guests offer him. I’m not sure how they know that George is a he but they recognize him by the hole in his snout that never healed after someone shot him there.

Here in Coonass country, “po’ boy” can be pronounced with the accent on the second syllable: poh-BOY.

The oyster po’ boy was pretty good.

We got there too late for the gumbo (they’d sold it all already)… :(

Peggy’s not kidding when she says her place is on the bayou!

5 thoughts on “George the Gator

  1. On a Scout trip in 1990, we stayed overnight on the USS Alabama docked at the harbor in Mobile, AL. I asked one of the sailors if we could swim around the ship, and he said, “Well, between the chemical plants dumping runoff in the bay and the gators, I’d say no.” Later that night the alligators would swarm around the ship, and we’d toss potato chips, Cheetos, or whatever snacks we had.

    A good po’ boy is a true pleasure. My favorite is the fried oyster with really good remoulade and some pickled onions and generous dashes of hot sauce. I think that if the sandwich had a classy French name it could become trendy like the French-Vietnamese fusion bánh mì.

  2. Forgot to mention that a local restaurant used to have an awesome po’ boy that is uniquely suited to this post: fried alligator, boiled crawfish tails, and soft goat cheese along with the lettuce, tomato, and remoulade. Truly phenomenal combination.

  3. @Benito I’m with you, man… A good po’ boy is one of life’s great pleasures. Larry’s French Market is still the best one I’ve had in East Texas. But on Sunday, when all the Cajun (Catholic) folks close their restaurants, Peggy’s on the Bayou was pretty damn good. We were thinking of heading to Floyd’s up in Beaumont but we decided on Peggy’s for the “scenery”… You’d love it…

    @Tad Maybe sometime you’ll come out for the Cajun fest that they have every spring here. Zydeco music, pistolettes (crawfish and étouffé-stuffed pastries), gumbo etc. It’s awesome… Would love to see you and family in East Texas man! :)

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