Orecchiette with meatballs… wonderful…

That’s the charismatic Alessia Perrucci (left), our host and owner of the agriturismo Masseria Le Fabriche, with Franco Ziliani (center), who’s one of the Radici Wines festival’s curators, and Nicola Campanile (right), festival organizer.

The food at last night’s welcome dinner was wonderful. I LOVED the handmade orecchiette (one of Puglia’s classic pastas) with veal meatballs and pecorino. The chef’s marretto — a loaf made of lamb offal — was also exceedingly delicious…

5 thoughts on “Orecchiette with meatballs… wonderful…

  1. We’re going to need to see you in our office when you get back to Austin – if you want to be around to see your little wish to come true we’ll need to check your LDL and HDL levels, Dr. Parzen

  2. La cucina pugliese è eccezzionale.
    Dovresti conoscere anche la cucina calabrese.
    The traditional Apulian cuisine is exceptional.
    You should also know about the cuisine of Calabria.
    Giuseppe Parrilla – Tenuta del Conte

  3. @Giuseppe I hope to get to Calabria one day soon! It’s been fantastic to taste so much Gaglioppo…

    @Alfonso you can only imagine HOW MANY times your name came up yesterday. :)

    @Dr. Cal I’ve been making “il footing”!

    @Tracie P I know we’ll get here soon. :) I tasted a Piedirosso yesterday and my heart filled with pangs for you… Love you…

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