The secret to my guacamole recipe and best wine pairing?

Tracie P and I both do a lot of cooking at home and each of us has her/his respective pièces de ré·sis·tance (she fries, I grill; she boils the pasta, I simmer the rice, etc.). And while she is by far the more skilled in the kitchen (ubi major minor cessat), I can say with confidence that my guacamole has gained traction at our dinner parties as having — how can I say? — that je ne sais quoi.

My secret? I peel and seed the tomatoes before I dice them. Then I place them in a colander, lightly salt them, and let them purge their water. The other trick is no secret to anyone who knows good guacamole: buy your avocados while still unripened, place them in a brown paper bag, and then give them a couple of days to ripen slowly on your kitchen countertop (or other cool place, away from direct sunlight).

Otherwise, the rest is simple: a handful of finely chopped cilantro, a teaspoon of minced garlic, a tablespoon of minced white onion, 2 diced tomatoes (peeled, seeded, and purged as per above), 3-4 ripe avocados (as per above), 2 seeded and diced jalapeños, salt and pepper to taste, chili flakes to taste, and freshly squeezed lime juice to taste.

The perfect pairing for guacamole?

I think I’ve found it and I wrote about it today over at the Houston Press

Happy Friday and Happy Memorial Day, yall! Enjoy the “ponte” (“bridge”), as they say in Italian, the three-day weekend! And as our good friend Melvin Croaker would say, please remember our troops!

4 thoughts on “The secret to my guacamole recipe and best wine pairing?

  1. Must be a Cali secret! I do the same friggin’ thing to my guacamole, including peeling, seeding and salt draining my tomatoes. I use slightly less chili pepper but other than that mine is exactly the same. I dig Provencal Rose with guacamole as well.

  2. Mmmmm. Going to have to try your method this weekend. The worst that could happen is I’ll have to eat more guacamole… the best that could happen is also getting to eat guacamole.

  3. @Samantha I was taught how to make guacamole and salsas by the produce man at the Ralph’s on Wilshire & Hauser… :-) He was an awesome dude… Love me some Tejas but Cali rules! I know you know it… :-) Have a great holiday…

    @Scott Tracie P never liked guacamole until she had mine! ha! Have fun and send a photo and recipe!

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