LOVING the list at Fonda San Miguel…

The list at one of me and Tracie P’s FAVORITE restaurants in the world, Fonda San Miguel (Austin), is OFF THE CHARTS ROCKING right now. Earlier this week, a close friend treated us to dinner and a bottle of the 2000 Gravonia white by López de Heredia. Man, that wine is INSANE right now. Wonderful fruit, great acidity, and the oxidative note that takes those wines over the top. Great pairing with the queso and the sopecitos.

Next we paired the 09 Produttori del Barbaresco Langhe Nebbiolo with our entrées. I had the carne asada tampiqueña… A match made in heaven (I wrote about it today over at the Houston Press for my “Odd Pair” rubric).

Produttori’s 09 Langhe Nebbiolo is one of the more light-bodied vintages in recent years and its bright fruit and acidity were fantastic with the dish and stood up beautifully to its intense flavors and spiciness. Seriously, one of the best meals of the year so far…

How cool is that? The best Mexican restaurant in the U.S. and they have Produttori del Barbaresco on their list! Love it…

Buon weekend yall…

3 thoughts on “LOVING the list at Fonda San Miguel…

  1. Great to share the experience with you, Tracie P and a couple of guys that are American born but Italian at heart.
    As most of the pleasures of life, it was consumed too quickly. Lets hope that this sort of gathering will be replicated sometime in the future.
    Enjoy your we
    Nelle Nuvole

  2. @Nelle Nuvola it was indeed consumed to quickly! Great to connect with you (after having followed you at Vino al Vino for so long) and great to share some memorable wines together. Travel safely and stay in touch… j

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