The sushi in California is just better…

I’m sorry but the sushi in California (and the west coast in general) is just better than everywhere else in the U.S.

New York has its Masa (ho hum) and Austin has its Uchi (yes, sushi in Texas), but there’s just nothing and nowhere that comes close to the wide range of styles and price points and ubiquity of Southern California sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Popped into K-ZO Japanese and French restaurant in Culver City for quick working lunch with a friend and colleague today and man, that shit rocks… The live sweet shrimp — tails served raw and heads dredged in flour and deep-fried (lower left hand corner) — were friggin’ amazing…

6 thoughts on “The sushi in California is just better…

  1. Next time venture to the east side to meet a kindred spirit
    Omakase , Opera, Nebbiolo , Arneis fixated Shige Kudo.

    Loves serving old nebbiolo with his food

    I swear….strange BUT amazing

    YOu heard it here first


    3114 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
    (213) 387-8498

  2. Holy sh*t – the sh*t rocks – what? are you channeling your inner Samantha, out here in California?

    Dont forget to stop by and feed us squirrels on your way to LJ

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