My baby loves her some Prosciutto d’Osvaldo!

It was with utterly ineffable joy that I witnessed Tracie P experience her first taste of Prosciutto d’Osvaldo — arguably the top “cult prosciutto” of Friuli — last night at Valter Scarbolo’s Frasca in Pavia di Udine last night.

In Italian, you might say that both of us are prosciutto-dipendenti (prosciutto-addicted) and sadly prosciutto-deprived when at home in the U.S., where good prosciutto often makes the Atlantic-crossing but is then tragically missliced (is that a neologism?).

Conversation on the ideological nature of restaurateurship with Valter was almost as thrilling as his food, like this artichoke soup, made with Apulian artichokes, a touch of creamed potatoes (no cream) to impart the desired texture and consistency, and garnished with a butterflied shrimp from the Adriatic.

Fricorgrasm, anyone? No time today to discuss the nuances of potato and Montasio frico this morning. But let it suffice to say that more than one o my G-d was uttered.

I love the way the Friulians (unlike the Veneti) use onions (in this case and braised chicory in others) to dress their boiled salame with grilled polenta.

There’s so much more to tell but it will just have to wait. Off to Collio this morning and then Trieste. Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “My baby loves her some Prosciutto d’Osvaldo!

  1. I can only imagine the utterly ineffable joy she will have when she takes you below Rome to experience a side of Italy you have never had. And when she does, Dottore, it will blow your mind…And you can take that to the bank!

  2. Lots of food porn going on in these blogs. Fab photos. Looks like a great trip. I love the Dorsoduro in winter. I used to stay every year at the Pensione Seguso. Say hello to the Titian in the Friary for me please….

  3. Drooling in to my morning coffee. Damn – I’ve only read about Frasca (in the Bastianich book, of course), the first chapter & story I ever read on the region on a trip to Udine last year; is hereby emblazoned on my brain with the help of your photos. Love/LOVE these photos!

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