Wouldn’t be Xmas without Prosecco, Produttori, and Pandoro


The Do Bianchi Christmas Six-Pack offering is live at 2Bianchi.com (my wine club for California residents).

This month’s offering features Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Crede by Bisol. That’s Matteo Bisol atop the Cartizze cru in Valdobbiadene in a photo I snapped back in April 2008.

Veneto woman

Using my camera, I “grabbed” this image of a “Veneto costume” from a poster at Matteo’s family winery.

There’s lots of good stuff in this month’s offering and gift ideas as well, including magnums of 06 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco.

After all, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Prosecco, Produttori, and Pandoro, now, would it? ;-)


6 thoughts on “Wouldn’t be Xmas without Prosecco, Produttori, and Pandoro

  1. Oof! I can only stomach nutella in very small doses… For me, pandoro is a bit sweet and cakey. My Dec. 25th breakfast usually consists solely of cappuccino, panettone and bubbly!

  2. don’t get me wrong: I love panettone, too! But my heart, perhaps for geographic regions as James points out, belongs to pandoro. ;-)

    When a junior at university in Padua in 1987, I discovered and subsequently overdosed on nutella. I ate so much I became ill. Haven’t touched the dangerous stuff since.

    During those university days, nutella also had a cult sexy application among the Paduan students but I’ll have to tell you about that a voce.

    @James do you remember that book _Il macellaio_?

    @JoAnn maybe you and Andy should meet me and Tracie P in Friuli in February?

    buone feste!

  3. If you’re an Italian Food Lover Panettone & Prosecco is the must for Christmas!
    I love the panettone with the zabaione cream (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i423wJpN4zo), this video is in Italian but I’m shure you can find the zabaione recepit on the net!
    Crede it’s a single vineyard Prosecco Superiore that goes really well with it.
    Talking about my friends Produttori…I have 2 cases of Barbaresco and langhe waiting for the Christmas Lunch!

  4. The video is with the Pandoro. Panettone and Pandoro are both great, it’s up to you to decide wich one you like the most. Sorry Jeremy but i choose the Panettone:) you should try the one that we make with Prosecco in the recepit, it’s made by a Pasticceria in Padua!

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