After being trapped for 1.5 days in the Parzen family web of food, wine, music, and fun, Alfonso was in fine form.

This girl may have grown up in East Texas, but, man, she was born to cook up some mighty fine Jew food!

First things first…

Tracie P’s latkes are amazing… paired SO GOOD with the salty flavors of the newly arrived 2009 Santorini by Sigalas.

Not every Texas brisket is destined to be smoked. Tracie P truly outdid herself last night… served with kasha and lentils…

and fried parsnips… (Jeremy Parsnip?)

And adding a classic dish for Hanukkah from Israel, Tracie P made jelly-filled doughnuts! YES, JELLY-FILLED DOUGHNUTS! Paired with Domaine Cady 2007 Chaume. (Traditionally, fried foods are served during Hanukkah to celebrate the miracle of the oil that lasted 8 days… jives well with Texas cooking!)

Château Pajzos Esszencia 1993 was friggin’ BRILLIANT, our wedding gift from Comrade Howard.

From the Château Pajzos website:

    On top vintages, Chateau Pajzos produces the mythical Esszencia.

    This absolute rarity, gained from the free-run juice of the aszú grapes, is a unique nectar with a honey-like concentration.

    Only 1 liter is produced by 3 tons of aszú berries which represents the production of 10 ha. This wine is the rarest in the world a bottle of 10 cl is the results of one whole hectare.

This wine was one of the most intriguing wines we drank in 2010, with incredible petrol notes on the nose and nutty, earthy tones on the palate, and one of the most captivating finishes I’ve ever experienced in a wine. Incredible… Thank you, again, Comrade Howard, for this amazing gift, shared with people we love…

Happy Hanukkah ya’ll!

5 thoughts on “Parzen Hanukkah (WARNING: CONTAINS EXTREME FUN)

  1. @Bags I didn’t even think of that but you are so right! I actually thought about how the saltiness of that wine would be so great with the latkes. We should have paired with some of the JJ Prum I got on sale! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Jeremy – happy Hanukkah to you and yours! It’s nice to see that you have re-created it in Texas, and that you have found such a great life there. Thanks for another great year of your blog.

    And WHAT?!? are you telling me that they produce 1 bottle from 10 hectares? that sounds like an unprofitable business, unless the bottle sells for what a Rolls Royce sells for…

    all the best to you and yours – neil

  3. Wow, that description of the esszencia sounds incredible. What a gift! How did you decide to open such a rare and prized bottle? And I suppose you can probably keep it forever, even once it’s been opened. The food looks delish too.

  4. @BrooklynGuy and Chevsky the Esszencia was pretty amazing… it’s actually not that expensive (not that I checked the price, as it was a gift from Comrade Howard). Hannukah party was amazing. Tracie P has a real gift for eastern European cooking. You’re both invited whenever you want…

    thanks for the wishes and stopping by… Next year in Budapest! ;-)

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