Zampone! @ the Parzen Christmas party

Alfonso and SO Kim drove down from Dallas last night for a weekend of cooking, eating, and opening some bottles that I’ve been saving for this holiday season.

Don’t ask me how it got to our house (or how it got into this country) but last night I cooked one of my favorite Italian delicacies: zampone, a pig’s trotter stuffed with head cheese and then boiled. (@TWG you would love this stuff!)

Tracie P stewed some delicious lentils (which are traditionally served with zampone in Italy on New Year’s eve), aligot, and spinach. And I made a salsa verde (flat-leaf parsley, anchovies, garlic, and extra-virgin olive oil) and prepared some kren (grated horseradish with a touch of vinegar and sour cream) as condiments.

Alfonso brought a pandoro (which Tracie P and prefer over panettone) and we paired with OUR FAVORITE MOSCATO D’ASTI by Vajra. Man, that shit is good!

It’s going to be hard to top the sheer fun factor from last night but we’re going to try again tonight: Tracie P is making Jewish delicacy brisket and potato latkes for our Chanukkah party!

Stay tuned…

7 thoughts on “Zampone! @ the Parzen Christmas party

  1. You should repeat this on the 31st of December. We say lentils bring money for the new year. I’d go with a good lambrusco metodo ancestrale…God save the pigs!:)

  2. Yes, Gary, Vajra’s Moscato is that good. Poured it at a wine dinner this weekend, paired up with polenta budino topped with chocolate mousse and toasted hazelnuts. Killer. Pretty special with pandoro and/or panettone, too.

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