My baby loves her some cake

Every marriage has “issues.” For some it’s money, for others it’s juggling careers… for Tracie P and me…

…it’s CAKE! Mainly, the fact that my baby loves her some cake. This year’s gorgeous birthday cake was created by the nice folks over at the Polkadots Cupcake Factory in Austin, Texas.

Tracie P’s birthday celebration came to a close last night with family and friends at one of our favorite habitats, Vino Vino. That’s Nat and Erin (from left), who just got married, and Uncle Terry.

Chef Esteban’s rocking the new fall menu items, like the delicious pot roast.

April and Aunt Holly also helped to assuage our cake issues last night.

Thanks to Polkadot Cupcake Factory, to our good friends at Vino Vino (who took such AWESOME care of us last night), and to everyone who came out to celebrate Tracie P’s birthday. And thanks to ya’ll for reading and sharing with me the joy and light that she brings into my life.

6 thoughts on “My baby loves her some cake

  1. you know i sho do! that was DELICIOUS. i will surely use polka dots again. thanks to misti (for fisher’s first bday) i discovered them.

    cute polaroid collage too :)

  2. What a super cake .. wow . so unusual .. I ♥ it too.

    Looks like you all had a great birthday get-together ..

    Happy Birthday to Tracie P… too ♥

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